Galdanoth 1
Race Elf
Age 68
Height 6'1
Weight 165 lbs
Hometown Sil'Enderis
Player ShadowRaven
An elf from the city of Sil'Enderis, very little of Daenir is known to his companions. That he was a part of a group traveling from their homeland to Clearkeep and beyond when it was beset by briggands and he was knocked unconcious in the battle, while his companions where either killed, or died from their wounds after, is about all he has shared. That and he has some talent with picking locks, and moving stealthily. He has not even indicated to them why he has chossen to remain and join in the 'adventure' 


Like all of his kin, he is built on a lithe and wirey frame. tall and slim, with almost delicate features. Almond eyes of a sea green, that darken to a stormy grey depending on his emotions. His hair is a sandy brown colour, kept neatly trimmed. At present his equipment is rough, and he makes no secret of his dissatisfaction with it. Leather armour that, while servicable, was made for a human and does not quite fit his frame. He caries an imperial cavalry saber, which he complains about as well, as it hangs uncomfortably for one on foot, or so he says.

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