Nearly a century ago, the Imperium withdrew from its more isolated provinces and abandoned the border tower known locally as Goblinwatch. Nearly forty years ago, a group of bandits occupied the tower and threatened the region until they were brutally exterminated by a wandering band of adventurers. Twenty years ago, reports of haunting and demon possession in the ruins lead a roving monk to exorcise the ruins in a night of flashing lights and terrifying sounds that have convinced the locals to stay away from Goblinwatch Hill and the ruined tower near the summit. Although everything of value should have been picked clean roughly five minutes after the Imperial legions left, and surely by the time the adventurers were done mopping up the bandits --- even so, rumours of lootables and gold still circulate.

Goblinwatch Hill is not far from Keppelshire. The track leading up to the old fortress is a rough, rocky climb up an old road that hasn't been maintained or used regularly in a hundred years, and a low mist clings to the tumbled stones of Goblinwatch tower. The walls are gaping open, torn by the ravages of time, and the upper levels probably aren't even strong enough to bear the weight of anything bigger than a raven.

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