Jaina Torval
Xia of Veiloaria
Occupation Cleric
Position Xia (Travelling Cleric)
Race Human
Deity Veiloaria
Player NPC
Jaina Toval is one of the wandering clerics known as "Xia" who are dedicated to the Goddess Veiloaria , patron of adventurers and travel. She is currently mentoring Sonskyn Whitethistle on the path to becoming an Xia herself.

Xia Jaina came to Keppleshire with Sonskyn a day or two before the courier swept into town looking for the Duke's wayward child. They spent some time checking out the state of the shuttered Flower and Compass and its grounds. Jaina has been in discussions with the Keppleshire Mayor and Council of Elders about the viability of reopening the hostel.

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