Near Keppelshire, within a ruined tower-fortress known to the locals as Goblinwatch, once used as a base camp by a gang of bandits, there is a courtyard.

In the center of the courtyard is an old well. Local legend says it had gone dry even before the garrison had abandoned the keep; they used to fetch water from a stream down the hill. The bandits who had occupied the ruins would throw their prisoners down into the blackness if their ransom wasn't paid, and so it gained the sobriquet "the Murder Hole."

Recently, a piton has been hammered between the courtyard flagstones and a sturdy hawser now dangles down into the blackness of the Murder Hole.

There are signs of a recent encampment in the courtyard and a rope ladder, with wooden rungs, has been added alongside the hawser.


Below the Murder Hole lies the Well Room...

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